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Phase 1 Wrap Up

Set SMART GOALS -ones that focus on the process -”why” is bigger than your excuse   Eat Nutrient Dense Foods -vitamins, minerals, fiber, enzymes, anti-oxidants -support your body’s matrix (ex. Vitamin C for creating collagen, needed for strong connective tissue and skin)   Pay attention/read ingredients on everything!! -this is …

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Your Poo and You

Are you a star gazer? Good for you. Now let’s switch it up. Become a stool gazer. What?! Yep, as crazy as it sounds, checking out your poo and paying attention to your bathroom habits is a fantastic way to get a snapshot of your digestive health. What’s going on …

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Hydration and Electrolytes 101 Part 2

Athletes, Electrolytes and Hydration 101 Part 2 Hey, have you heard that joke about hydration?? No? Of course not, hydration is no joke peeps. Everyone knows we are made up of mostly water. As humans, and as runners and triathletes we need water not only to survive, but to thrive. …

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Maximize Nutrition and Athletic Performance with Protein

Protein is a powerhouse of a macro nutritions Helps to create muscles, organs, nails and hair Helps your cells to communicate Facilitates muscle contraction Transmission of nerve signals Protein makes up Immune molecules Blood cells Hormones, Enzymes and new protein cells Protein is made up of chains of amino acids …

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Hydration and Electrolytes 101 Part 1

Athlete Electrolyte and Hydration 101 (candid notes from the podcast.  Listen!!) INTRO Coach BK and Endurance Athlete / Nutritionist Rachel Shuck, chat about Electrolytes in a 101 kind of fashion.  What the runners and triathletes need to know to perform well, be healthy and be safe. BACKGROUND MAIN – What …

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Healthy Fats for Excellent Health and Better Running

Let’s start off this conversation with some facts: There are two types of nutrients.  Macronutrients and Micronutrients Macronutrients are fats, protein and carbs Regarding macronutrients, they are all needed in correct proportions to each other.  The optimal proportions for the individual are unique. Fat free diets are being shown to …

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What They Don’t Want Us to Know

processed sugar

In the words of Jim Gaffigan, “I think your sweet tooth owes your fat a$@ an apology.” But really, does it? Who or what is responsible for you being unhappy with the shape of your body? Here’s something to think about, maybe it’s not as much your fault as you …

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Tracking Your Idiot Awesomeness

Want to know the secret to losing weight, changing your body composition and becoming a svelte athlete? It’s so simple it’s stupid. In a study of over 1,700 people, the number one predictor that a person would lose weight and improve their health was doing this one thing. This one …

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Don’t be an idiot, Eat Your Veggies!!!

Real Food

Eat Real Food, Be Real Awesome   “Whew, I gained all these extra pounds of fat from eating vegetables!” Ever hear anyone make this declaration? Yeah, me neither. So damn it. Turns out mom was right again. As much as it pains us to admit, she was onto something when …

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