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Phase 1 Wrap Up


-ones that focus on the process

-”why” is bigger than your excuse


Eat Nutrient Dense Foods

-vitamins, minerals, fiber, enzymes, anti-oxidants

-support your body’s matrix (ex. Vitamin C for creating collagen, needed for strong connective tissue and skin)


Pay attention/read ingredients on everything!!

-this is exactly how we end up eating too many processed carbs

-be an informed consumer, make deliberate choices


Track your food to stay on track

-macros, enough protein? Too many processed carbs? Enough good fat?

-fat is good for you


Pay attention to what your body is telling you

-do you need rest? Are you getting enough calories? How do you feel after eating certain foods?

-knowing what your stools look like can help you adjust your nutrition (Bristol chart, hydration, fiber)


Pay attention to your hydration

– know symptoms of dehydration

– stay up on your electrolytes


Eat Mindfully/Plan ahead to keep it healthy

– slow down, pay attention

– have some strategies tucked away for when you know good nutrition is going to be tough to maintain


December Action Plan

  • One goal to stick with
  • Time of reflection / evaluation
  • Identify heart driven goals for 2019


January 1 Hit the Group Running with a new 3 Month Phase

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