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Phase 1 Wrap Up

Set SMART GOALS -ones that focus on the process -”why” is bigger than your excuse   Eat Nutrient Dense Foods -vitamins, minerals, fiber, enzymes, anti-oxidants -support your body’s matrix (ex. Vitamin C for creating collagen, needed for strong connective tissue and skin)   Pay attention/read ingredients on everything!! -this is …

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Your Poo and You

Are you a star gazer? Good for you. Now let’s switch it up. Become a stool gazer. What?! Yep, as crazy as it sounds, checking out your poo and paying attention to your bathroom habits is a fantastic way to get a snapshot of your digestive health. What’s going on …

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Hydration and Electrolytes 101 Part 2

Athletes, Electrolytes and Hydration 101 Part 2 Hey, have you heard that joke about hydration?? No? Of course not, hydration is no joke peeps. Everyone knows we are made up of mostly water. As humans, and as runners and triathletes we need water not only to survive, but to thrive. …

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