Rachel and BK Do Nutrition

We are here to HELP YOU rock out YOUR GOAL

  • Are you ready to RECHARGE and RUN FASTER?
  • Are you looking for EXTRA ENERGY to get through your day?
  • Are you ready to SHED excess weight?
  • Are you ready to kick sugar cravings, food intolerance and fatigue to the curb?
  • Have you fallen into sugary and fatty eating habits?
  • Are you ready to ditch the diets, stop counting calories and reboot your metabolism?
  • Do you want to make nutrition changes but aren’t sure where to start?
  • Are you ready to BOOST your immune system?
  • Are you ready to GET STRONGER in the Core!!!
  • Want to learn some good yoga stuff for athletes!?!?!




BK Kissinger is certified in coaching ironman triathlon, running and is also a 500 RYT registered yoga teacher and Strength and Condition coach.  She is also a board certified health/nutrition coach through IIN with an emphasis in hormonal health.  BK’s journey began at home with ill children and her own person health crisis.  Through years of education and experience, she has developed a coaching style that works to balance life, time commitments, family fun and other aspects of life to help foster permanent lifestyle changes in those she works with.  She is the founder/owner of BK Coaching, a successful triathlon/run/health and wellness business that supports and nurtures her clients to help them achieve their goals, be it a first time 5k to ironman and qualifying for Kona or Boston.

BK is an adventurer, wife, mother of 3 boys and three rescue dogs, mechanical engineer by degree, three time Ironman finisher, living with a heart condition and generally … loves the lives she lives, working daily to make a big dent where she can!

Coach Rachel

Rachel Shuck is a board certified nutrition coach with a passion for running and all things fitness. She currently teaches nutrition courses at the local college while pursuing her doctorate in clinical nutrition . She is certified with the International Sports Science Association and the U.S. Track and Field and Cross Country Association as well. Her personal journey began with running 5k’s and being at the back of the pack, to running marathons and becoming a Boston Qualifier. Along her decade long path of coaching runners she found a true passion for teaching people proper nutrition to fuel for optimal performance. Rachel’s articles and videos have been featured in Mind Body Green, Personal Growth, and the Livestrong website as well as local news shows covering health and fitness.



Mission Statement: Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do. Not only will you feel great, you will look great and inspire others to take care of themselves in the process. My mission is to educate and inspire people to live a better quality of life and improve performance by eating nourishing foods. As a mother, an athlete and someone who likes to eat, it’s important to me that people know how to eat for health and enjoyment. Together, we have the power to improve not only your health, but also influence the health and well-being of your loved ones, creating a healthy lifestyle for future generations.

Aspects of Health that we FOCUS on:

  1. Life Balance
  2. Nutrient Dense Foods
  3. Starting from the foundation
  4. Lifestyle changes that are sustainable for you and your family
  5. Tools for your life
  6. Being strong and resilient

c-ruggles-testimony-1-1024x981These girls are great! I learned many new things about how to eat and take care of myself. I found that I didn’t miss anything: caffeine, sugar, grains, dairy. I was surprised at how easy it was to cut out of my life! I lost 16 pounds during the program, and since I’ve kept going, I’ve lost another 2 pounds (over the holidays even!).



Well, I just bit the bullet and weighed myself after dinner (which is what I did one week ago before starting Day One of the plan). For not exercising at all and mostly following the plan, I can report:
– Feeling energized when I’m full rather than lethargic.
– No midday headaches.- Slimmer thighs, upper arms, chest, hips, and double chin.
– The realization that many fruit juices are over-sweetened, which is unnecessary.
– Gratitude that I can go a week without gluten or dairy without becoming a zombie.
– 3.5 fewer pounds.
Starting tomorrow, I am going to add exercise back into the equation, and hope that I can convince my body that it does not require the copious amount of carbohydrates I’ve conditioned it to require after seven years of endurance sports.I hope everyone is also experiencing various levels of satisfaction through this program. We can do this!!!!
~L. Robinson